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Blessings and Divine Manifestation

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Blessing and Divine Manifestation

Receive blessings and manifest a positive, joyful flowing life with a simple technique that everyone can access and work with – this daily action can change your life. All you need to do is acknowledge and feel the blessings in your life using a simple process and then do it every day. This is the power of gratitude at work.

For a lot of people, there can be hurdles to conscious manifestation. Unworthiness, self-sabotage, a lack of confidence to feel that you can manifest anything, and a lack of consistent attention are just a few of the obstructions in a list of possible reasons why you may not be succeeding in changing your life for the better.

Manifestation techniques often focus on designing the life you want to live – which can in a sense be about building more control into the way you live. This is the opposite of letting go and letting God. Letting God, Divine, Source – whichever term you are comfortable with – is incredible and can lead to blissful feelings and a life that flows effortlessly. It also leads to Love flowing out from your heart and being reflected back to you wherever you turn. As we grow and expand our consciousness, what we are doing is learning to surrender control and let go to the Divine, Source, God. It’s about letting go of being the little ‘me’ and being willing to surrender the self to the ‘Divine Self’ state of being. The simple technique I will share with you here, the Blessings Technique, approaches positive manifestation from this joyous accessible direction.

So, how do I get into this beautiful state of flow and bliss? Instead of consciously manifesting your intentions, this simple technique is about surrendering to the Divine intentions for your life and getting into sync with them. You could say that fundamentally it is not actually your life. In reality, your life is the Divine living a life from your perspective. Yes, you have free will and can choose your experiences, but if you were to ‘zoom out,’ so to speak, from the sharp end of you in the world living your life, you would begin to sense, to feel, the Loving essence of the Divine breathing life into the conscious form you know yourself to be. You could feel the Divine heart within your heart shining through you, Loving you, Loving your life and expressing through the vessel of you. You could feel the Divine’s hand upon yours, touching you, playing your musical instrument, guiding your hand creatively on the computer keyboard, cooking delicious food filled with Love, caressing the baby’s head, soothing a lover’s pains, healing the sick. It is like you living a life that is a shared experience with the Divine. One day the Divine said to me, ‘Let go and let me run your life for you - just sit back and enjoy the ride!’ It is amazing to let go of control and surrender to what is.

You might be thinking, ‘That is all right for you if you are in that state of being. Me? I want to live my life my way and choose my experiences and live my life from my perspective, for me’. And there is nothing wrong with that. After all, as I see it, that is the Divine living your life as if it feels that way. It is perfect. This state of being – wanting to be or feeling the sense of ‘me’ strongly – arises out of the filters to the pure Divine consciousness that you are expressing in your life. These filters include so-called karma, the ego and unconscious mind, and the unhealed parts of you. These things shape your life experience and can create a lot of suffering and misery both mentally and physically. Of course, it is not all about the negative because you can also be living a good life, perhaps an abundant life, while still carrying so-called filters. When you live through the ego – and we all do to a greater or lesser extent – the infinite possibilities open to you in your life are curbed and lie over the horizon from you, out of sight and out of reach.

This gratitude technique we are going to work with can help you to resolve the filters more easily as you step into a more positive state of being where you can align your consciousness expression more fully to the Divine. When you work with the technique, you begin to feel uplifted, more comfortable with yourself and see your life flowing as you practise more and more. The Love inside builds and you can feel joyful, with a sense of being deeply supported and guided in your life. This is you living outside the limiting consciousness filters you carry. When you lose the feeling of flowing, when the Love ebbs away or you feel upset or angry, when the mind stirs and you are thinking or saying negative things, then you are living your life once more from inside some of the filters you have not yet resolved. That does not mean that this technique does not work. In fact it is quite the opposite, because it can help you to recognise limitations and unhealed parts of you when they arise. You can do this because you also have a joyful and flowing experience to compare the unconscious state with. It is when you wake up – become conscious again – and recognise that you are not being your natural authentic self that you have an opportunity to do healing of this filter-unconscious-behaviour pattern and transform the particular filter you are experiencing. Then you can step back into a state of flow and Love – stepping once more outside the filters of limitation and experiencing the Loving light of the Divine once more. If you do not know how to heal properly, I have developed a very effective energy tool called the Unifying Conscious Matrix or UCM for short. You can use this link to learn more about it and if you choose you can use it together with the Blessings Technique.

The Blessings Technique

Just before falling asleep tonight – the last thing you do in your day:

· Review your day by looking at the things you did that made you feel good, that were thoughtful and helped someone, changed things for the better, where you acted unselfishly, gave willingly of your time, your wisdom, your Love, kindness and comfort, where you were grateful and thankful to another person, and so on. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the action was – just something where you gave from your heart, where it showed who you really are and it made you feel uplifted, positive or good about yourself.

· Step back a little and see the blessings that you brought to your life – good or great things that happened for you today, to others and perhaps to the world, where you made our world a nicer or better place to live.

· Now most importantly, feel the feelings that arise from reconnecting to all these moments, the Love, the joy, reliving the excitement and uplifting feelings once more, feeling that you really are a nice person and feeling what that feels like. This is not the ego saying how great you are, this is you just quietly reliving the joy and nice things you did today as an expression of the wondrous and Loving being that you are.

· Finally, feel grateful for being you, for being so blessed in your life with many good things. Even if you do not have much, look to the good, the friendships, the Love that is in your life. Again, pay attention to the feelings of the gratefulness you feel. This is all about your feelings! It is how you are manifesting your life. Here we are shifting the bias away from dwelling on any suffering, feelings of lack, longing, wanting, not having and moving into the positive elements of you.

· Now let go of the review but keep hold of the feelings that have arisen within you. Relax your body, breathe a deep satisfied sigh and let go. Smile and continue to feel the joyful feelings as you fall asleep.

· You can go to sleep with a smile on your face – you’ll be amazed at how happy this can make you feel when you wake and right through your coming day!

· When you wake tomorrow morning, reconnect with the joy you felt the night before as you fell asleep, the first moment you remember – doing this as the first act of your new day. Think about how you brought blessings to the world and to yourself and look forward to being able to experience and share more blessings today. What you are doing is seeking to rekindling the feelings of joy, of happiness, of Love and the pleasure of being alive. Again, it is important to feel or imagine the feelings of Love, joy, excitement, pleasure and so on, because attracting the positive to your life is all about how you feel so pleased to receive them!

· If you want to, if you genuinely feel it in your heart, take a moment to give thanks to the Divine for your life, for the great things in your life and for the opportunities to heal and grow. And that is it! Move into your day and, as much as you can, carry the uplifting feelings with you throughout it. Do not worry if you lose the joy – that will just be some of the filters reasserting themselves. You can transform them using the healing techniques you may know or see above for further help from Shabdan.

· Repeat this simple technique every evening and every morning and whenever you remember, take pleasure and acknowledge the blessings that come to you in your day. Let the feelings of flowing and joy fill you in that moment and feel how blessed you are – tell yourself you are truly blessed and say thank you to the Divine. That is all there is to it.

This technique takes you into effortless positive manifestation that is guided by the Divine. This takes you outside and away from the ego, desires and feeling the need for something. This manifestation comes for your highest good. There is a shift in your consciousness as a result and instead of feeling a lack of something in your life – things, energies that you feel you need and want – you are aligning more fully with a higher state of being and with the Divine. This increases positivity, Love, abundance, compassion, awareness and other positive spiritual qualities. Holding and projecting these qualities attracts so much to your life to enrich and support you. With daily practice, you will be stepping more and more into your ideal life, one that flows naturally and is filled with blessings.

This is the power of being grateful – through this technique you are saying to the universe, ‘I really like and deeply appreciate the wonderful things I can be, share and experience’. And the universe replies, ‘Great, I will bring you more!’

When you are down on your luck:

If your life is devoid of joy, of even the basic things you need to support it, you have to begin by kindling a little hope and joy and a sense of well-being in your life so that you can begin to appreciate what you do have. This is hard to do when life is overwhelming you. You must take yourself out of your suffering and misery and look around you to see the world as it truly is. Pause and enjoy a sunset. Notice how it feels to be bathed in glorious light. Breathe and relax your body. Be thoughtful and as kind as you can be to others. Notice a kind look in a stranger’s eyes. Be grateful for the little things: for the sound of birdsong, for the food you have to eat. At the end of your day and first thing in your morning, use the technique above and feel grateful for what is there for you, feel the contented feelings it brings you and, in time, you will attract more and more to yourself to help you, to love and support you… so be patient and keep practising. The Divine absolutely Loves you too.

I have found this Blessings Technique to be immensely powerful for me and it is so simple to carry out. I especially like smiling as I go to sleep. The happiness I feel the next day lasts all day for me!

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