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New W.I.S.E. action for full moon 6 November 2014




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I am very pleased with the results of the W.I.S.E. action so far! Can you feel its effect? I certainly can: there is a slight softness to the air, to the energy of the whole world, that wasn't there before we began this action. This is probably the most important piece of work that any of us can undertake in service to our world. This gentle action is supporting and encouraging change in the world. It doesn't push or force any perspective upon anyone. Unconditional Love is for everyone after all and it will help us all exactly as we need it to. Most of all it will help to bring a greater level of peace and harmony into the world, helping to build compassion and empathy for others and our planet.

The feedback on the W.I.S.E. page is wonderful and I ask you - if you haven't already done the guided meditation - to consider taking part. And if you have, then please repeat it!!

I am launching some further elements to the Unconditional Love W.I.S.E. Action very soon, to give you an opportunity to take ten minutes every day and help to build the power of the Love circling through the core of the Earth and around the surface, following the magnetic field of the planet. This simple additional action will bring you a great deal of healing for your ten minutes and I hope that you will feel drawn to participate.

Please share this action as widely as you can so that we can, together, build the power of Unconditional Love in the world, for all of us.

With Love, Shabdan xx


6 November 2014

I see that the world continues to grow. The conflict in the Middle East, the ever-deepening struggle for justice, for reconciliation, for reason and common sense to prevail that we see right around the world perhaps reflect a desperate searching for the divine inside us. We see the physical world, the technological, racing ahead, but without a counter-balancing spiritual evolution in our consciousness chaos will ensue. We will lose our footing, and our passion for-ever higher standards of life, consumerism and technology will erode the limited resources of the Earth and we will still be too blind to see it, long after it is too late. Already we are dangerously close to that limit but I believe that we can pull ourselves back from the brink.

What is needed is unconditional Love to awaken the spirit, to stabilise our excited race towards a new kind of world and to counter-balance this outer growth. To that end I offer an amazing W.I.S.E. action today, the day of the full moon. Inspired by observing the magnetic flow of the Earth and encouraged by spirit, I realised that a simple W.I.S.E. action could send unconditional Love along this pathway. What we need now is people-power - Love Power!!


Can you help? Can you lend your light and your Love to help build a force for good, for unconditional Love to infuse the Earth? If this simple action resonates with you, then please share it with your friends and with as many people as you can, networking through Facebook and Twitter and any other medium you can. Perhaps we can make it a million!! Think what such a number can do by sending a wave of unconditional Love throughout the whole world! Help me if you can - and thank you for your contribution!

With Much Love, Shabdan xx

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When I go to the highlands in Scotland I am set free. The magnificence of these towers of raw and untouched beauty hold me. Their scale, their immense size that soars to the heavens, inspires me and my heart expands. I am transported to some other place and peace fills me. This land of my home is rich and uplifting. It completes me. What is it that I see and feel? Simply a reflection of what is inside me, my divine being shines...



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May Peace enter your heart and take up residence, may Love become your bedfellow and your friend and may the Light of the divine shine brightly inside you, guiding you home.