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Possible ENERGY PROBLEM for lightworkers since Hadron Collider full activation - SEE BLOG BELOW...


UPDATE: Clients are reporting that using the Sacred Rays is making a huge difference for them.


7 September 2015

Further to my blog posting on my website on 1 September, I see it now. There is one universal answer to all that we seek and that answer is LIGHT. Personally accessing the Light, drawing it into ourselves and sharing it with the world. There is no point of view, no argument, no perspective or right or wrong and no resulting attitude to Light. There is only illumination, acceptance and evolution of consciousness. All things mend through Light. ...

In whatever way you know how and can, bring Light into yourself and share it with the world in every moment that you can... This is our way forward, our future and the answer to all that we seek here within the Earth sphere. Through Light we may reconcile so much of what is out of balance here on Earth and shift our consciousness back to the Light from where we came...

Let Light, light you up and let that illumination bring you so much Love and unending Peace, Shabdan xx

1 September 2015

This is a critical time for the Earth with many positive shifts in consciousness taking place, yes,  but I wonder whether we are really heading in the right direction? The proliferation of technology communication around the globe with smart phones, tablets and other gadgets that excite the mind demonstrates just how hooked we are all becoming on a mental environment. Something is not right here. Despite the spiritual revolution, there is a cloud on the horizon.

Perhaps it is important to pause here and to seek deeply inwards as I have been doing this year and quest beyond that horizon and really look. Are we seeing ourselves as we truly are or is it actually another level of illusion. Is spiritual truth really spiritual truth or some facet of it, the thread of which has been lost to us eons ago? My heart says to be cautious about what I have believed and been taught through the years of spiritual development. Peeling away the illusion can lead to a place of no-thing, a divine place beyond the mind but i question even this. Does that lead us to opt out from the world and what we have done here collectively? Does that self-reconcilliation cause us to withdraw and leave our brothers and sisters trapped here? I cannot say for certain but there is a feeling deep inside me... something is shifting and an awakening call is sounding in the distance - I can hear its echo. I wait silently with as much stillness as I can muster so that I may catch the nuance of it, the omen that may guide me onwards. I have not lost faith, I am not shaken but I am open to new possibilities, new perspectives and new horizons.

We must be brave as a spiritual community. We MUST question the teachings handed down to us, not blindly follow as sheep. If the teachings are so rich, so pregnant with meaning, why is our world as it still is? Why have we not moved the planetary consciousness to a higher plane and why is unconditional Love not the order of all life here today? We have lived in various civilisations for many millennia. Are we in fact just repeating patterns and not really progressing? Does our collective consciousness bind us or liberate us? What is it that we are all afraid of facing that we quest and practise and journey towards but do not seem to arrive? 

I pose these questions and share my heart-thoughts here to offer what I can to any who are willing to look more deeply and to seek beyond the veils of illusion we willingly participate in. Somehow, at some point, the new light will dawn... its coming, I can feel it.

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5 July 2015

I have just ended a Healing Gathering Online Workshop and wanted to share the experience of working with the Archangels who preside over the chakras of the body. Archangel Zadkiel overlighting the Soul Star chakra above the head, Archangel Jophiel over the Crown chakra, Archangel Raphael over the Third Eye, Archangel Michael over the Throat chakra, Archangel Chamuel overlighting the Heart chakra, Archangel Uriel over the Solar Plexus and Archangel Gabriel over the Sacral and Base chakras - these wonderful angels added their light to the healing which included Lord Anju - my higher self and my light teams doing clearing around karmic and emotional issues. (Future online workshops are listed on the right of this page.)

Everyone felt lighter and clearer at the end of the session and it felt really nice to work with the angels. There is such gentle light, such soft radiance in their action and yet they reach really deeply into our world. I have heard some amazing stories about the angels and what they can do in our world and never doubt their positive influence and support.

You can always rely on your own guardian angel to help you - this angelic element of your consciousness who holds you with such unconditional Love in their heart. Call on them, even if you dont know their name, for loving support, insight and inspiration.

If you feel inspired, call upon the Archangels who preside over your chakras to work with you now. Simply place your attention on each chakra in turn and call in the appropriate Archangel. They will surely come and you will definitely receive healing from them. Keeping the chakras clear is so very important to our well-being and spiritual unfoldment.

7 June 2015

CERN Hadron Collider ENERGY PROBLEM - Sacred Rays Can Help


I notice that CERN are experimenting with the Hadron Collider and will be doing so for months to come. It is now operating at 13 trillion Volts... this will generate a substantial magnetic effect. Interestingly, clients reported feeling exhausted and very unfocused on the Wednesday they began, and since then as well. Tuning in to this I feel that there may be a connection that is affecting the magnetic and quantum particle cohesion of manifestation within the Earth sphere. By invoking specific Sacred Rays, the energy symptoms seem to abate. If you feel this may be affecting you then say the following whenever you feel you need to:

"I invoke the Sacred Rays of Gravity, Magnetic Cohesion and Quantum Particle Cohesion to resonate throughout my being now, under the Law of Grace, And So It Is."     Take a deep breath and let go.

If this problem is affecting you, then you may well feel a level of relief. You can do no harm to yourself through repetition of this invocation.


"I can't believe how quickly it has helped!! The fatigue is 80% better!!! The day before, I had to sleep for three hours during the day but today I have been walking with my dog and cutting my hedge - something I would not have been able to do. I repeat it often throughout the day and keep it in my pocket for when I am walking, etc... I've told as many as I know to use the Sacred rays invocation as I am so sure it will help them with the tiredness - which many are experiencing. Namaste Siirenna."

"I have had remarkable results (with this invocation). Back to normal. The more you do it, the better you feel, but you have to keep repeating it many times. Love, Pauline"

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1 May 2015

I am now offering some online workshops (click on the link on the right hand column for details). The first is on Monday 4 May, the WESAK Full Moon. This is a simple one-hour meditation to celebrate the Ascended Masters. Similar events are taking place around the world and I am especially pleased to connect with my friend Dario near to Ferrara, Italy, who  is running a large event and drawing people from across northern Italy on Saturday. I remember with great fondness running this Italian even some years ago by kind invitation. Dario has created a large lake and landscaped the surrounding area with many trees from scratch himself using a digger and a lot of Love and good work. It is a beautiful oasis that has attracted a great deal of wild life and it has become a sanctuary for the nature kingdom. Dario has completed work on erecting a large representation of the Ah-Imhotep Matrix that I developed when creating Ascension Reiki . The matrix is very powerful and he has placed this beautiful energy on our Mother where it is channelling Ascension Reiki constantly into the Earth! I hope to be able to post a picture of it on this website in due course.

I am also offering Healing Gatherings on Sunday evenings this month. These one-hour events are for a maximum of five people and offer the opportunity for some deep personal healing using Divine Intercession through the Ascension Window (See earlier blogs on this subject in the archive) and healing from Lord Anju, my higher self, the Keeper of the Keys of Creation. The healing is offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so early booking is essential. If the demand warrants it, I will set up some further events on those dates.


24 March 2015

Its been a while since my last blog. It has been a period of time where I have given to myself and my own healing needs. That is not to say that I am not constantly working on myself - something I always advocate as important - its just that I have sort of downed tools, so to speak and concentrated on my deeper needs. The result has been significant spiritual development that has expanded my awareness. I find myself always talking about healing ourselves and how very important it is. Every time I work deeply on myself, that view is reinforced as I get to see just how deeply enmeshed we are in the planetary consciousness and the so-called karma of our past once again.

This simply reminds me that what I am always talking about to others is important for all of us. In our multi-dimensional world - just below the surface of the physical world environment, lies a complex of layers deeply interwoven into many consciousness projections that are fragments of ourselves. These elements seek reconciliation with us - even if they dont know it yet.

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There can be nothing more rewarding than the feelings inside of greater awareness, expansion, deeper clarity and more peace that is the result of effort applied to the process of self-development. It surpasses any distraction you can find in the world around you many times over.



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When I go to the highlands in Scotland I am set free. The magnificence of these towers of raw and untouched beauty hold me. Their scale, their immense size that soars to the heavens, inspires me and my heart expands. I am transported to some other place and peace fills me. This land of my home is rich and uplifting. It completes me. What is it that I see and feel? Simply a reflection of what is inside me, my divine being shines...



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