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20 October 2011

The magnificent divine reveals itself in ever more detail the more that we look and feel, and seek it out. I was working with a group of people recently on a Masterclass and showed them an energy spot on the Earth. As we stood there talking and sensing, the energy began to open out. Some members of the group had not been able to feel the energy when I began to describe it but after a time they noticed its presence. Other who had felt it noticed then how the energy had become stronger and clearer to sense. Everything is consciousness and divine law states that when anything is being observed it becomes more conscious. It is like those moments when you feel self-conscious, knowing that someone is intensely watching you. That self-consciousness is not actually embarrassment, it is awareness of self - something that we are unaccustomed in noticing or paying attention to as we usually direct our attention outwards into the world around us. It is the fact that we are unaccustomed to noticing ourselves and accepting our beauty that leads to the embarrassment we may feel.

I have been seeking the way forward. It is a profound seeking that has led me to Shambhala, a state of deep divine consciousness that expresses the loving qualities of the divine. It is an expression of "The Way" - that divine pathway that leads inwards to the light. In my seeking I have truly found. It is as I have described above. The more that I have placed my attention on the matter from a place of stillness where I can perceive the divine, the more it reveals itself to me. This has led me on a journey where I really feel the encouragement of the divine willing me to travel my own unique pathway, searching for a way to unfold the next level of consciousness, bringing it into the third dimension.

The Way is clear, it is filled with hope, with beauty, with joy as each new revelation sings in my heart, where such lightness fills me and the space around me, that I know I have found the next step. Each true step is always light and enlightening. Sometimes my mind has extrapolated - as minds do - and a complexity clouds my knowing. I wonder how to make it all work and inevitably my mind begins to think of the logistics involved and... the cost - and suddenly I am lost. I walk a tightrope, balancing so precisely between the centre point of my being and the wobbly feelings of the illusion - the outer world and my mind. The Way is always easy. It is in balance and each step is sure-footed on the tightrope. In those moments I lean neither to the left nor to the right but hold my centre. These true moments hold such joy and simplicity.

I am learning to be still. Stillness is truly the way. In that place of quiet acceptance of what is, even the unpleasant moments, allows and enables flow. Life naturally wants to flow. Only our minds reject that deep truth and reject distasteful experiences, wishing itself somewhere else. That resistance to flow, prevents the universe bringing the next step to us, the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes we can sit in that place of resistance for years, even for lifetimes before our minds grudgingly give way to the glaring and obvious truth of the situation. We often stubbornly cling to old patterns of belief that always limit our consciousness and prevent peace from entering our lives. We are masters of that way of life. It takes courage to surrender to The Way, the way of flowing and allowing.

Now in these times we need courage. We need bravery. We need to trust. If we do the rewards are beyond our wildest imaginings because we will begin to flow and the divine can reveal deeper aspects of itself to us. We are challenged now by the deepening waves of illumination reaching the planet in a new way since spring this year. They awaken our spirit to deeper levels of truth which seep into our lives almost with every breath. Once you know something, you can't un-know it. It is there, the truth of it challenging the illusion. The tightrope must be walked. The balance within must be sought. The Way must be expressed.

"Who am I? A seeker of truth." This was said to me by a friend many years ago before he succumbed to illness and death that led him back into the ascended realms. A seeker of truth, and seeking is finding. Finding is The Way.



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