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Standing on the white sand looking at the blue-green ocean of Iona Sound, I opened my heart to Psancthu – the essence of the consciousness expressed as water in this universe, spoken as “Sanctu”. I felt the ebb and flow of the waves as they rushed in, all frothy white and excited to land the shore. I immersed myself in the water and accepted Psanchtu. Suddenly I was drawn physically forward as the wave retreated back into the heart of the sea. My feet stumbled across the wet sand and then I felt it. I felt the rush of the wind, the rhythm of the sea, the dance of watery life, the deep and loving consciousness behind it. Joy flooded my own consciousness and I was lost in the dance. I surged forward to the very edge of the retreating white, bubbling froth and still a little further until my boots splashed droplets of salty ocean all around me. I drank in the fresh blustery air and imbibed the smell of seaweed and sand, water and wetness. A peal of laughter was ripped from me in the breeze and suddenly I was running backwards freely, not encumbered by thought, just saturated by the experience and the divine connection with Psanchtu. The new crest rushed after me, playfully chasing me, teasing me. Would I reach dry land before the water could soak me? The joy effervesced as the froth advanced. Now caught on the edge, teetering, I rolled forward once more running with wild abandon headlong to the sea as it now retreated quickly before me. Helpless and following, now would I wet my boots before the sea could safely race away from me, back to the sanctuary of its heart? And again just as I reached the water’s edge, I felt a pressure push me backwards once more and the dance repeated all over again.

I staggered to a standstill above the tide line, my breath rapid and full and turned to my group - the wonderful people who had come on retreat with me to the sacred island of Iona, just off the west coast of Mull. They stood loosely gathered, perplexed by this madman laughing and carefree before them. I could hardly speak, such was the excitement in my chest. I turned back to the sea and felt the power of Psancthu calling me… “Share this”, it said. Calmer now, I shared this wondrous discovery. “Would you like to try it for yourselves?” I asked them. Sheepish and uncertain, shuffling feet in the fine grains of sand, then - reluctance overcome by curiosity, having seen me and heard my enthusiastic description of what I had been through - they agreed.

On the north rocky shore with pure white strips of virgin sand, my group scattered and each found a niche for themselves. Gradually, one by one, they began to connect with Psancthu, engaging their consciousness with that of the water. That is, all but one. I stood silent and satisfied as the others began to sway lightly back and forth until a foot broke loose here and there and some staggered towards the retreating blue and white of the withdrawing wave. Some abandoned their hesitation and rushed into the experience, others, content to feel the motion inside them instead of physically expressing themselves, found the expansiveness of it all, the peace and the connection I had felt. Except for this one who stood forlorn on the dry shoreline, above the danger zone, with her hands wrapped protectively about her body. I gently wandered towards her and stood shoulder to her shoulder, looking seaward. “Beautiful isn’t it?” I commented. She stood stiff, separate and alone on that soft place in this world. “I can’t feel it,” she said. Then with gathering fear she said in a whisper, “I can’t do this.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “That’s okay, let’s just stand here and take in the view. Isn’t this an amazing place?” “Yes,” she answered and short smile broke the hardened set of her jaw. She drew a deep breath and I felt her shoulders sag just a little as the tension eased. We stood as companions do in silence together, united in this little piece of heaven with the sound of the ocean now crashing against the sand, absorbing us more and more with each breath we took. After a time, I turned to her and took a hand and quietly said, “Come on, let me show you something.” She acquiesced and I reached out for her other hand. We turned to face each other and I felt the rhythm of the sea and the consciousness of Psancthu envelop me. “Let go,” I said. Gently, Psancthu caressed us and we both felt it in the same moment, the feeling of the wave front that was now withdrawing, pulled at our skin and our very being. My companion’s eyes widened. “Did you feel that?” I explored. “Yes,” she said a little breathless. I engaged with her eyes and we surrendered together to the essence of the water. It wasn’t dramatic, it was just a quiet sea change inside her. Suddenly, willingly, we felt the advancing sea push us sideways up the shoreline and we stumbled up the sand as the water exploded a short distance from us. Just as suddenly, taking us both by surprise, we found ourselves pulled strongly towards the now retreating wave. Our pace quickened and in a second we were running full pelt towards the water, chasing it, lost to it, immersed. The shore here dipped away quite steeply and as the water of the new wave pressed against us, we felt the moment and began our retreat up the sand, stumbling a little as we continued with clasped hands to remain linked as one. Psancthu responded mischievously and ran at us full flow. White water splashed all around us and flooded over our boots and just as quickly, up our legs and swamped our feet. My friend screamed lightly, a little shocked at the cold wet ingress. Then, eyes wide, now standing in the sea eight inches deep in water, her head rolled back and she laughed from her soul. I, initially concerned that I had overstepped the boundary of her comfort zone and also caught out by the joke, wet footed too, saw the humour of the situation and could not stop my own free laugh rippling through my chest. We broke our grip and splashed away to dry land. Squelching boots landed and we fell about laughing. Psancthu rushed away and gurgled back to its heart, joyfully sharing the moment with us. 

Human sanity returning, I sank down and stripped off my boots to empty them. A little concerned, I turned to my companion and explored her reaction. “Are you all right?” I enquired. The bright smile told me everything. “Oh yes,” she answered. She laughed again and so did I. “Well,” I said, lost for words. “It’s all right,” she quickly replied, “that was amazing, wet feet and all!”

I have never forgotten that moment in my life. My heart swells with joy as I think of it. It was a divine moment. It reminds me that there is life in everything. Consciousness pervades all and of course every form, every rock and pebble, every tree and blade of grass and each and every molecule of air that we breath is consciousness, expressed in a wonderful and unique form. In each moment, if we will but allow ourselves, that consciousness is saying, “I Am Here, play with me, see me, know me for I am just like you, I am a part of you and all life.” There is no separation, just differing expressions of being – and it is a rich playground for us to experience, to choose, to come to know. Life, if you will allow it, is a sacred experience, always in deep communion with itself in all its forms and differing parts. In your aloneness, seek out the hidden. It is just below the surface, just over the horizon, just right there, if you will but see it and surrender to the guiding light inside you. It is in the remembering that you can reunite with the otherness of being, like Psancthu, the consciousness that is water in all of its different states. That connection fulfils and nurtures you. The illusion, the pain and the separateness melts away in that moment. The void inside fills and we are complete.


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