I have posted the following on Facebook and thought to include it here:

I have been asked to do a September W.I.S.E. action, on the day of the full moon, 7pm on the 30th of September!!! Thank you everyone for taking part so far in the August blue moon event! I estimate that this action was taken by more than 130 people (including some repeats) by yesterday - the 31st August. Go on now... build the power of this even further!!! Repeat!!!

The world-level benefits have been amazing so far and it has surprised me that so few can reach so deeply into world consciousness and bring about such a shift. There is such joy in spirit over this achievement and such a lightness in the air, a softness that makes me feel I can breathe again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The next event - as requested by spirit - will involve further clearing work and much more healing with the Light Codes of Surumetra to help this world. I will make it a shorter recording with any longer explanations written on the website instead of in the recording. This will make it easier to stay focused and awake.

I am looking forward to the next one immensely. If you feel it in your heart, I would be honoured to have your beautiful energy on board. Perhaps this is the beginning of something very special because spirit requests that we continue this work every month... who knows what a dedicated group of lightworkers can achieve! 

Tell your friends and see if we can extend the number of people participating even further.

Heart-felt blessings to you all, smiley Shabdan :)



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