This is a critical time for the Earth with many positive shifts in consciousness taking place, yes,  but I wonder whether we are really heading in the right direction? The proliferation of technology communication around the globe with smart phones, tablets and other gadgets that excite the mind demonstrates just how hooked we are all becoming on a mental environment. Something is not right here. Despite the spiritual revolution, there is a cloud on the horizon.

Perhaps it is important to pause here and to seek deeply inwards as I have been doing this year and quest beyond that horizon and really look. Are we seeing ourselves as we truly are or is it actually another level of illusion. Is spiritual truth really spiritual truth or some facet of it, the thread of which has been lost to us eons ago? My heart says to be cautious about what I have believed and been taught through the years of spiritual development. Peeling away the illusion can lead to a place of no-thing, a divine place beyond the mind but i question even this. Does that lead us to opt out from the world and what we have done here collectively? Does that self-reconcilliation cause us to withdraw and leave our brothers and sisters trapped here? I cannot say for certain but there is a feeling deep inside me... something is shifting and an awakening call is sounding in the distance - I can hear its echo. I wait silently with as much stillness as I can muster so that I may catch the nuance of it, the omen that may guide me onwards. I have not lost faith, I am not shaken but I am open to new possibilities, new perspectives and new horizons.

We must be brave as a spiritual community. We MUST question the teachings handed down to us, not blindly follow as sheep. If the teachings are so rich, so pregnant with meaning, why is our world as it still is? Why have we not moved the planetary consciousness to a higher plane and why is unconditional Love not the order of all life here today? We have lived in various civilisations for many millennia. Are we in fact just repeating patterns and not really progressing? Does our collective consciousness bind us or liberate us? What is it that we are all afraid of facing that we quest and practise and journey towards but do not seem to arrive? 

I pose these questions and share my heart-thoughts here to offer what I can to any who are willing to look more deeply and to seek beyond the veils of illusion we willingly participate in. Somehow, at some point, the new light will dawn... its coming, I can feel it.

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