What a time of it we are all having just now. This is interesting! Clients are growing fast but the emotional clearing is profound. There are incredible possibilities awakening within the Earth Sphere at this time and the divine seems to be bending over backwards to help us! I feel the quickening inside, a passion to heal and the response that comes when I sit and clear myself is inspiring me in a way I have never felt before.

We see it in the world too. Conflicts in so many regions of the world, people suffering but there is - it seems to me - an underlying desire to work things out, or at least the beginnings of that process as people are letting out and expressing their emotions. Of course this is not necessarily comfortable - and I put it that way deliberately to stand in a place of true compassion: a place of empathy and understanding without emotional attachment to the outcome. People are truly suffering right across the world this year. If it isn't a regional conflict or crisis, then its the effects of extreme weather. These things, this deep unrest right across the world and also the unrest and inner movements I see in myself and in my clients are birthing pains. We are definitely preparing to move into a new consciousness paradigm. These are no doubt, the most exciting and the most challenging of times.

All requires patience and compassion, for the world and for ourselves too. Also hope and a faith in the way of the divine and how it brings its help to us now in ever deeper ways. We are definitely on the move!


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