Unrest and Spiritual Growth in the World Barbara Marciniek is one of the many who said that this year would see a great deal of unrest across the world. With so many changes taking place it is hard to keep pace with the consciousness shifts they bring. Even though the great personal and national tragedies we see in the media may lead us to believe otherwise, it is all positive and encouraging news. Our compassion is needed, our empathy and understanding, Love and support - without attachment to the outcome – to allow the world its growing pains. We see tremendous developments across the globe, countries seeking to change old governmental regimes, people starting to stand in their own power. The seeds of freedom have been planted. We know that small plants, trees and grasses once in the earth are capable of breaking through concrete to grow to the light. Why should the current world situation be any different? I feel that the recent unrest, rioting and looting in the UK is just the latest stage in this country’s growing pains. It seems to me that we are witnessing a journey towards taking responsibility. We have seen this in the discovery of the parliamentary expenses scandals, the phone hacking in the print media and now our resistance to the criminal activities of rioting crowds. Through the actions of those involved and our response expressed in the words of the government and the personal stories of those who have suffered during the recent unrest, society is working this out and saying, “This is who we are - we are honesty, compassion and justice. We are moral responsibility in society to one another.” It is hard to watch as we see graphic images on the news of personal stories of great suffering and loss across the world, but it is always a part of the divine plan. In this world of free will we are exercising the freedom to choose in a really big way. Clearly the influence of the planets is having its effect upon us, ultimately leading to spiritual growth, as is the pull of awakening consciousness, the many new waves of spiritual light that are reaching the world from the higher planes, helping us to remember our truth and that the way of Love is the way of the heart and will supersede the way of fear. Fear is a consciousness paradigm for which the writing is already on the wall!


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