I have been working from home during the winter. The planets control our destiny - alignments of heavenly bodies that direct our attention, calling upon us to undertake emotional healing. I have had to do a lot of emotional healing of my own, sorting out old stuff that lies hidden at the bottom of my barrel! My clients have given me similar feedback. A lot of it has been quite painful. I have noticed that the phone has rung a lot lately with people in deep distress.

All I can say is don't despair. Every day do all that you can to clear your emotions, issues and karmic connections. Work diligently, do your best to be present and observe the first moment that you begin to feel uncomfortable, then look for its underlying cause and clear it all.

I believe we will experience profound changes within as we move through this year. Great opportunities lie ahead. To ride the inner waves of change we need fortitude, commitment and determination to heal, heal and heal the layers of emotion and remaining karma - the imbalance that we hold with the Earth planes.


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