My Journey Now

The Cathedral of Surumetra

This has been an incredible year for me so far. It includes a spiritual quest in March that led Shastra and me to Scandinavia where I worked with spirit to install a great light structure over the Norway and Sweden called the Cathedral of Surumetra. This light structure is immense. Norway stretches so far to the north that if you swung it round on the map it would reach as far down as Rome in Italy. This light structure is a special component of the light of spirit that is contributing to consciousness re-alignment in the world. More information on this will follow in due course.

New Levels of Consciousness

Last December I went through a three thousand octave shift in consciousness – a substantial shift by any standard - whilst carrying out some research on an experimental course I ran. This was a total surprise to me. I had no idea that it was coming. Since then I have been playing catch-up, integrating the shift. Of course the planetary shifts on top of that and the influences of the constant new waves of consciousness have affected me too. It seems that I can hardly catch my breath. Spirit has a plan and they are certainly taking me through it.

Divine Portals of Love

In May this year at the full moon we saw the introduction of Divine Portals of Love opening right across the world. These are portals of divine knowledge and information that speak of divine truth and true reality, beyond the illusion consciousness paradigm that has presided in this world for such a long time. The portals send us a new paradigm, the paradigm of Love, which is speaking to the fear within us. We will feel the effect of this new level of truth ongoing now until the planet wakes up fully and ascends.

This is an incredible action of compassion and unconditional Love from Source to help us at this really critical stage of growth and spiritual unfoldment in our world. We have been gradually waking up for a very long time and the convergence of all of the light influences upon the planet is so great now that the pressure is being felt by everyone right across the world in their own way. The effects are all around us, not least of which are the rapidly fluctuating weather patterns and the earthquakes and tsunamis, which clearly reflect our emotional state.

Source has sent us a great gift, perhaps the greatest one of all – these divine portals. They act upon our struggling consciousness as a compass might, gently swinging our consciousness towards “divine magnetic north“, which is the paradigm of Love consciousness. When we are lost in our emotion and karmic balancing which has become so intense of late, the divine is saying softly to us in our hearts: “this way…”

The portals work through our divine self, our soul level consciousness and enter the heart chakra, spilling out their wonderful knowledge and illumination into our human consciousness to guide us home. The action is unrelenting and although there are many agendas of control in the world that seek to lead us in other directions and limit our potential, Source has acted to help us as never before. It is my understanding that Source decreed that this planet will move into the fifth dimension – the next stable consciousness paradigm, a state of unconditional Love. Source will not interfere in our free will but now gives us a powerful and personal new tool through the portals to support our free will choices. We have not been free in this world for eons: so many different levels of consciousness, including cosmic forces, have exploited our vulnerabilities and preyed on our emotions that we became lost and forgot who we are. Now, through the portals, all we have to do is listen to the gentle promptings of our hearts, that subtle influence of intuition, and all will become clear to us step by step.



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