I have been in the studio recording the MP3 files for parts I & II for the W.I.S.E. action at 11.11am on 21 December 2012. I am looking forward to the feedback you may be able to offer if you choose to take part. Also, I hope that our collective contribution can really make a loving difference in the world. The introduction song will appear on my forthcoming album called "Passion and Harmony" in a revised format. The album comprises songs and instrumental pieces on the harp guitar with additional instruments adding colour to the recordings. As with all studio work, it is taking time to perfect but I feel that I am making progress and I am looking forward to completing the album as soon as I can.

Solstice 2012.jpg

I hope that you will choose to work with me in one of the ways on offer on friday 21 December and I am looking forward to receiving feedback on your experiences if you do. I really hope that our collective contribution will make a positive difference to world consciousness on that day. Remember that you can join us after 21 December because the Lords of Time have arranged for us to meet at 11.11am on friday, no matter when you physically do the work through the recordings! This means that you can choose to repeat this work as often as you like to build the healing effect around the world.

Whatever you do on friday 21 December, it is worth setting aside some time to heal and to meditate for yourself. The benefits will be greatly amplified on that day and it will be like sitting for twice the time you actually spend and possibly even more than that!



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