Perhaps summer will still come and we can kick back in the sun after all! Of course the sun shines in the heart all of the time but spirits seem to lift as the quality of light increases around us. There is no doubt that we are simple ones who, caught on the tide like some flotsome will drift as we are bid. The heart calls, there is a quickening of the soul at this time. Be very patient with yourself and trust in the divine calling. There is nothing to fear, ever. Now is a time to practice stillness - to become still and to meditate. It does not matter how you meditate. Whether you sit in the sun basking or perhaps finding a deeper quality of being as you commune with nature walking or potting a plant or whether you can sit in simple divine connection, joing with All That Is, now is the time. Harmonise with the One and follow your heart in everything. Let your life become a living, walking meditation of quiet joy and simple being. All is well.


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