I am considering the future... always seeking a new path that moves more deeply within, reaching new and higher parts of my consciousness - a way that takes me deeper into the light and in to myself. The music in me now opens and speaks to me. I am about to collect a new instrument that has been two years in the design and building by a talented guitar builder in North Yorkshire. Together we have forged a harp guitar that has 24 strings. There are bass and sitar-like strings, a guitar and a mandolin harp set that togther are designed to open the heart through the root consciousness state known as Devanchan. I have been experimenting with the Anaritas Keys - the phonetical light language - to sing sounds and syllables that open Devanchan into the space. Recent work with a small groups of clients on a Masterclass workshop demonstrated how powerful Devanchanic root consciousness can be. What if I can work through music, through drum rhythm and chants to re-align our human consciousness and our bodies to a higher state of being that resonates into the fifth dimension? This inspiring work has already begun. I can sense it and in my heart I know it. My soul brother Eldron who has worked with me on the albums "The Keys of Metatron" and "Rakishan-Arisa" and of course in everything I do musically, has shown me a new way of working with people that takes us beyond the pain level that is so common is spiritual healing. Using the celebrated healing mat I brought back into the world a number of years ago called "uu-crychtu" and a deep connection to Devanchan, many new opportunities lie waiting to be revealed that may well take us through the consciousness shift that we have all been working towards. For me 2012 holds great promise and musical joy!


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