I have always felt that life's spiritual process is a very simple journey of increasing vibration. Simple in theory of course... the pain and the struggling to let go does keep one awake at night! However, when the pain subsides a kind of peace will come and that usually denotes the release of limiting energy patterns that anchors our consciousness and our vibration at a lower level. The release always increases vibration. The simple truth is that through continuing reconciliation of emotional, karmic and control issues our vibration always increases. Add to that the background action of the divine causing the planet to spiral upwards in vibration (some of which I have described in previous blogs and articles) with our own actions, brings about an aggregate consciousness growth. That growth is like stepping stones across the river that will inexorably lead us to the other side. As you increase your vibration you move closer to the threshold that is commonly known as enlightenment. it is an inevitable step that we will all take when the moment is upon us, when we can see through the illusion of our current world paradigm enough to surrender to a higher form of being - enlightenment. It is apparent to me have witnessed a half dozen or so people cross that threshold, that at this time the easiest way to do that is one step at a time, across the river of life. Crossing the threshold can be relatively easy when you get there - just one more step across the river. Enlightenment is absolutely achievable within this world. Deepening that new consciousness paradigm - moving more deeply into enlightenment brings incredible rewards and alignments to the divine that open the gateways to true unconditonal Love. But... what if the whole process, increasing vibration, moving into enlightenment, is allowed to continue whilst remaining incarnate in our third and fourth dimensional world. What if we could build the light in ourselves so much, purify and refine our vibration to such a degree that we could begin to hold the next paradigm of consciousness right here on Earth? It seems to me that this is becoming increasingly possible. We are clearly on a threshold of profound spiritual change in the world - for those who are actively seeking it. The conditions have perhaps never been so conducive for continuing development of consciousness and the unfoldment of our being to an incredibly deep level. It is possible that we follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before, in China and other places, perhaps in Atlantis. Perhaps... But maybe we stand upon the threshold of a new opportunity. Maybe the kaleidoscope has never quite turned this way before, maybe the particular colours have never come together in this way and awed us with the sight, the insight and the vibration. The work I am now doing and the research is leading me ever more clearly to that conclusion and the way seems to be opening. I am willing to explore all that is being revealed. Maybe we can bring the fifth dimension to Earth, to open its beauty and just the edges of its magnificence in our hearts and in the world. Maybe we really can help to bring about a new world consciousness paradigm in our lifetime. Tie that to the current spiritual consciousness awakening that is steadily taking place across the planet and the plans of the divine, perhaps what we do together across the world will surprise us and bring us such joy...


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