I am going to Ilkley this weekend for the festival with lots of new things to talk about, including a new CD called "Natural Health". After that I begin working to prepare the The Source Project site for the Master Classes beginning on the 17th of April. The first five courses are already fully booked by enthusiastic participants willing to work well and clear a lot of karma and emotion! I intend to offer a number of additional classes through the remaining summuer and autumn months. Our future plans will be dependent upon ongoing interest from participants to work at the Centre. Our hosts, Peter and Irene remain enthusiastic and so supportive.

We now have a small greenhouse available on site for an exploratory investigation in growing food with pranic gates. This is an exciting opportunity to discover how the devas work with vegetable growth and how we can work with them to restore food to its natural state. Imagine eating food that gives you prana too! Any green-fingered volunteers? Let me know, thank you.

SoNa: 14 May 2010, this is the day that SoNa begins to be broadcast to the world from Source. We are simply asked to witness its opening to our world. On that Fiday I will be hosting an evening event at Lime Tree Farm beginning at 7.30pm. We'll undertake a gentle ceremony and have a campfire with music, honouring the Divine as we honour ourselves through gentle interaction and loving talk. If you would like to come, contact me.


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