Beauty Fulfilling

The world is a very beautiful place filled with wonderful moments of joy. The beauty lies not only in the setting sun splashing pastel shades of red, orange, dusky brown and sublime deep blue that lead to the cover of night and a growing stillness within, but in the smile of a loved one, the taste of lovingly cooked food, the thoughtfulness of a friend... so much, so fulfilling, so completing. I am complete in these moments and dwell inside them. I am alive in the magnificence of life and its incredible richness, its special gift to me

Hope blossoms, breath sighs, dreams float freely and I am released of mind. The beauty becomes mine in presence. The sweet innocence of the child awakens and life is rediscovered again and again.

I am the master, I am the child, I am the human. I am seeking, growing, more. Gradually I am finding myself, my true self, my heart. The youthful exuberance has flown to be replaced by an evolving maturity that makes me more whole than I have ever known.

The spiritual inside sends me. I find I desire stillness more and more. And in the quietness that is the real me, I find a burgeoning peace that becomes the bedrock of my very existence. 


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