Wow! I have just completed the W.I.S.E. action today and i am so pleased with the energy of this event. The moon tonight is soft and full of Love and it feels a lot like preparitory work is getting done towards the solstice in December on the 21st. I hope that you will join me on that day with two net radio interviews at 5pm and 9pm GMT and a W.I.S.E. action, and if you are in the area, a simple workshop in Yorkshire.

So far over 350 people have taken part in W.I.S.E, many of them several times over, with around 900 playings of the audios overall .The beauty of this action is that it can be repeated at will and done after the event, yet still contribute to the powerful effect it is generating for both you and the Earth. I hope that you will feel drawn to run the MP3 file on the W.I.S.E. page and I hope that you enjoy the experience if you do.

Look out for my article in the current More To Life magazine which is available soon in paper form and on the More To Life website. I hope that you enjoy reading it.

I am at work recording an album with the harp guitar at the moment and very much hope to have it finished in the next few weeks - in time for Christmas if you do this festival! This instrument has been three years from commissioning to the finished working article and i am really pleased with the result. I will post a demo for you to hear soon. The harp strings sound rich and full and they complement the guitar element - and the bass strings beautifully. There are 24 strings on this instrument - yes 24! so even if I fumble a note, there is another string near by to catch my finger... it is actually easier to play than it looks.

The recent Masterclasses have gone well, certainly the feedback has been good. They have helped people to move and I have also grown a lot spiritually through the experience. Here are some comments from participants: "I have released deeper than ever before, Iona", "The Masterclass with Shabdan transforms me. Highly recommended. It is healing on every level, both gentle and amazing, Shishkhana - May-Lise", "One of the most life-changing weeks of my life! Heather."

May peace find you and Love hold you in your heart, Blessings, Shabdan xx



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