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Clearing Emotion

March 2010:

This appears to be a challenging time for emotional issues. If you are stressed out, restless, not sleeping well, tired and irritable, it is possible that the planetary and spiritual alignments affecting the world are causing an up-surge in emotion. The Angels of the Cosmic Heart are delighted to help you with this.

To begin with make sure your chakra light channel is open and clearing properly as described in the item below. Then do the following as often as you choose:

Place two fingers of the left hand on the solar plexus chakra (a little below the sternum bone) and two fingers of the right hand on the heart chakra. Now say: "I call upon the Angels of the Cosmic Heart to help me to clear emotion. Thank you Angels, And So It Is." Now focus on the solar plexus chakra and allow the Angels to clear emotion for you. Use your breath to really help the releasing work they do for you. Keep your attention on your solar plexus during the healing. To end the healing, remove your fingers from the chakras and thank the Angels of the Cosmic Heart.

You can continue clearing in this way for as long as you want, as often as you choose. NOTE: Remember that a lot of clearing will precipitate a shift within you and can result in a small healing crisis. Always drink water after healing yourself and don't over do your healing at any one time.


Clearing the Chakra Barrier

Many people are suffering from a blocked sacred space - the link between the lower and upper chakras. Experiencing ourselves as human beings we live mostly in the lower chakras from base to solar plexus. As we awaken spiritually we begin to live more in the higher chakras, opening them more fully. During this process we must release discordant energy patterns, baggage and emotion from the lower chakras and this is where a problem can occur. Often the step that you must take in moving your energy from the solar plexus to the heart chakra in order to clear emotion can become blocked. People appear to have forgotten how to make this step and this leads to bloating and pressure in the abdomen that cannot be relieved by other treatment. It may also lead to weight gain in this area.

Technique for Clearing Emotion and Opening the Sacred Barrier

As you read the following, I am connecting with you and using my Keys of Creation to bring you information on how to open the sacred space to allow emotion to clear from the lower chakras uowards through the light channel to be released. This information is for understanding only - the energy pathway will be opened directly by the Keys of Creation.

As we awaken spiritually, we begin to access the upper chakras more fully and to clear emotion from the lower chakras. In the light channel between the solar plexus and the heart chakra there is a natural barrier that helps to keep us in our lower chakras to experience ourselves as human beings. To move our energy successfully up the chakra light channel, it must pass through this barrier in the sacred space. When the energy or emotion arrives at the solar plexus, it must make a 45 degree turn towards the spine, then as it reaches the spine and kundalini channels there, it must make a 90 degree turn back towards the heart chakra. When the energy reaches the heart chakra it must now make a 45 degree turn upwards to continue moving through the upper chakras. (This is 180 degrees in all - making a straight line.) This information has now been permanently placed within you through the Keys of Creation. It is likely that you will now be experiencing a release in your abdomen and possibly sensing an energy movement within your body. IF YOU FEEL HOT, it is likely that you have become ungrounded by this action and need to ground now. You can do this easily by saying these light language phrases out loud. (They are an expression of the Keys of Creation.) Say secu-narimbido ("secu-narimbeedoh") to get you back into your body, secu-ambido-nos ("secu-ambeedoh-noss") to release any self sabotage and Garusan ("ga-roo-san") to ground you to Earth.

Now gently tap the "sacred space" - half way between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra (above the sternum bone) gently for fifteen seconds or so to facilitate the clearing of the energy and emotional build up in the lower chakras and allow it to pass though the heart chakra.

It is helpful to avoid an overload of emotion building up in the lower chakras and effectively blocking the light channel by tapping the sacred space regularly, say several times a week. The frequency depends on your healing and emotional state. When you carry out Reiki healing or any other form of healing, I suggest you take a few moments to tap the sacred space to make sure that the lower chakras fully release the emotion upwards for transformation into light and Love.


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Platinum Violet Flame

December 2010

The Violet Flame is an element of Sacred Fire. The vibrational level of the Violet Flame that we can access here on Earth has increased over time, and new aspects of the Violet Flame have gradually been made available to us.
Although Shastra and Shabdan were only specifically asked to bring forward information on the Platinum Violet Flame in 2010, other lightworkers were referring to the Silver/Platinum Violet Flame as early as 2005 (the Silver Violet Flame itself has been with us for many years). Shastra encountered this flame in December 2010 when the dolphins brought it to her during a guided meditation, and Shabdan subsequently channelled the details below.

The pure Platinum Violet Flame holds these qualities:

  -  Sacred Trust, Peace, Illumination and Transformation

Paired with the Silver Violet Flame, it expresses

 -  Harmony with the Divine, Purification, Consciousness Revelation

The Platinum Violet Flame is overseen by many Angels and Masters and its frequency is shared with the dolphins, who carry it in their consciousness. Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain oversee all aspects of the Violet Flame, while other Archangels and Masters transmit specific qualities of the different aspects into the Earth.

Archangel Zadkiel: Angelic Resonance of all Violet Flames

Archangel Sandalphon: Transmission of this and other Flames into all realms of consciousness with the Earth Sphere

Archangel Seraphon: Brings the quality of Illumination and Transformation of this Flame into the Earth Sphere

St Germain, known as Master Suyessu in the 10th Dimension: Holds the essence of the Flame in his heart, expressing it through his essence

Master Quan Yin:Keeper of the Platinum Violet Flame

Lady Kirusana: Keeper of the Platinum VIolet Flame and the sound frequencies that emanate through it, expressing in particular the qualities of purification and transformation in consciousness.
These frequencies and energy transmissions are expressed in the heart of Shastra, who is a 3rd-dimensional expression of Lady Kirusana, Keeper of the Sacred Rays and the Sacred Flames

Dolphins: The frequency of the Flame is shared with the dolphins, who carry this new frequency in their consciousness, giving expression of it through their consciousness and bodies, taking it into the water and into the common consciousness of life on this planet. This flame can be accessed through them. The unique qualities the dolphins bring to this Flame are Compassion and Self-awareness, Illumination and Revelation of Consciousness