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13 November, 7pm (19:00) UK time


Join Shabdan for an online workshop all about building abundance in your life! So much of our lives is tied up in limitation, limiting beliefs, limiting emotions, limiting fear. But it goes deeper than that, reaching into the DNA coding carried over from our genetic inheritance. Lack of abundance permeates many aspects of our lives, and of course it is about more than just the wealth in our pockets. You can live very well on a low income if your perspective is abundant in every way because you invite Love, joy, acceptance and completeness into every moment, every thought and every deed. In the end, abundance is in the heart! However, if you would like more money in your life, do this workshop and watch the results!

  • Dissolve abundance blockages stored in your subconscious and mind
  • Transform unworthiness and undeserving elements
  • Activate WEALTH in your DNA/RNA
  • Transform self-sabotage blocks held in your DNA/RNA and subconscious
  • Release holographic imprints that no longer serve you
  • Release limiting thought patterns and programmes
  • Release family ties of limitation
  • Transform genetic inheherited curses, blocks, lack of abundance and more
  • Reset your abundance LIGHT CODES
  • Super-charge your ABUNDANCE AFFIRMATIONS!
  • Open your heart to abundant living in your universe!

... I am happy to hold this workshop more than once, but the first date will be: THURSDAY 13 NOVEMBER at 7pm UK time (currently GMT).

The cost will be £25 payable by BACS in UK or Paypal from overseas. Payment details will be provided after you register. Numbers are limited, and pre-registration is essential so that we can provide you with information and access codes to enable you to participate.  Please either:

  • Text Shastra on 07815 911 032 (+44 7815 911 032 for international participants) indicating you want to participate and providing your email address.


  • Email info@iona-light indicating that you want to participate and providing your mobile phone number

If the online workshop is over-subscribed, I will set up further dates, so if you would be interested but can't make 13 November please also let me know and I'll make sure you are contacted about the next one.


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Phone: 07786692822

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Feedback from Abundance on 13 November (next on in January 2015):

E. Was going to do this on a one to one and Spirit told me to wait 1 week then I saw this workshop on your website. (From USA)

J.Thank you for a glorious evening, I feel quite different and have moved forward, and feel joy in my heart. Bless You Shabdan.

J.  Thank you for a wonderful journey with abundance this evening. I look forward to the next workshop.

S. At peace!

I. Thank you - so wonderful.

Sh. Thank you so much amazing stuff, buzzing all over.

H. Many changes. That was awesome!! Thank you so much xxx

Su. I feel very light !  I feel higher vibration in my body - buzzing feeling

M. It's like Christmas has come early!!

You can try out a sample of healing from Shabdan RIGHT NOW! Just spend a few moments looking at the image below, connecting with Shabdan and the Keys of Creation.

healing for you.jpg


Shabdan often uses the celebrated healing mat called "uu-crychtu" during workshops and sessions:

uucrychtu_half.jpgShabdan brought this incredible healing space back into the world in 2001.

He recalls using a previous version of it carved in stone in a large pyramid in ancient times. Others have recalled working with it during Atlantis where it was made of pure crystal. It comes from the Aheswo-mam, high vibrational beings that are part angelic, part spiritual, very close in level to the Seraphim.

When you lie down on the mat, you link deeply with your I Am Presence who directs the healing to a profound level. Experiencing a lightly altered state of consciousness, people often don't want to get off the mat afterwards!