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6 April 2016 - Atlantis Release

Today Atlantean aspects and so-called karma has been released from a holding vessel built by the shadow Anunnaki for all people incarnate in the world with Atlantean lifetimes and for those not incarnate who had Atlantean lifetimes. The vessel has been closed down permanently. All of this work has been done through Divine Intercession - an intervention made possible after 21 December 2012. (See my archived blogs for further information on Divine Intercession.)

Aspects are currently being returned to everyone with Atlantean lives and as far as possible they are being healed and exchanged for higher vibration aspects. Where necessary, aspects are being returned for ongoing healing to those with Atlantean lives, so this may result in healing issues coming to the fore for a while. Help is being given by the Ascended Masters and Angels with these heavier returning aspects in need of healing.

There has been an understanding in the healing community that Atlantean lives that were not healed by now were being placed in a vessel to separate them from the Earth sphere so that the planetary energies could go forward. It is my sincere belief and deep feeling that this was false information seeded into our consciousness by the shadow Anunnaki who set up the vessel and syphoned off our aspects. The result has been to anchor our consciousness and limit our spiritual development - acting as ballast to make our energies heavier.  Please use your heart-discernment to decide whether this resonates with you. If it does, please share this important information so that many may be able to consciously meet and address Atlantean issues that have now been made accessible, where they need to.

With Love, Shabdan



24 March 2016

Today a large shadow device constructed by the Anunnaki - an ET shadow side of this race - that interferes with all that is light and with every positive intention in the world has been cleared from the Earth sphere. You may notice that there is a larger space around you, that you feel lighter and clearer, and that you can relax more deeply now. It is likely that your positive intentions and actions, your healing and light work will be more effective now. It certainly feels a lot better to me and I am aware of the ongoing adjustments that will take some time to resolve and balance.

I share this information to offer insight into this significant change that you may be already feeling. Shabdan xx


8 March 2016

I am beginning to update The Source Project page and relaunching it as "Source Light Project". The project began in a rain-swept muddy field n North Yorkshire, UK during September 2008 with 28 souls sharing canvas and braving unprecedented weather conditions for that time of year. It was clear to all of us that the collective consciousness was fearing the light-revelations to come during that time and expressed that fear very vocally! Shambala opened its heart and once the initial shock was over, the birds began to sing again and the next year saw The Source Project tentively born.  Now I can report that a journey of discovery and profound realisation that has lasted eight years so far is beginning to bear fruit that is ripe enough for an early harvast very soon.

I am looking forward to sharing new possibilities for spiritual unfoldment as soon as I can. Already my  training course called "Towards Mastership" is now being taught in Brighton by Keith Hodge who is spreading the light and teachings from the work I have been doing through the Project. I am intending to teach this important course in Scotland in the autumn of 2016 and another teacher will be offering the course in Linconshire in the auumn as well. - More is on the way very soon!


1 February 2016

Amidst the deepest storms, salvation lies softly slumbering waiting to be awakened by loving and questing hearts. There is no darkness that the light cannot penetrate and hope is a constant bedfellow despite the shifting climate - which is not all about the weather. The changing weather in many ways is more than just a product of increasing carbon emissions. It is also about the emotion that is pent-up, held back, refused... and so, where can it go when it bursts?

Inside, often buried but not quite forgotten, is a dream of something more, a spark of light that can never be extinguished, the very essence of self. Liberate yourself when you feel small, sad, sorrowful and... dream. Dream big, dream like a master dreams... open as a rose bud and rise up like the phoenix, renewed yet still on fire, purified, powerful and potent. Release all potential into the moment where all that is can find you and merge and meld. Together, One, divinity, builds a new world order where all can be well again.

Today a new beginning has been offered to the world, a deep possibility of renewal, a turning point where all may now heal. Go inside and seek confirmation in your heart. If this resonates with you, rejoice and let go now, let everything go.


7 November 2015 - UPDATE

This week there has been a substantial release of dark lords - the parts of us that we have positioned at the extreme shadow pole of duality. Many thousands of dark lords were assisted to make the transition into the light and were reunited with their soul energies once again. This action was undertaken by the light through Divine Intercession - the action that arose out of the opening of the Ascension Window on 21 December 2012. The dark lords surrendering to the light happened for both lightforce members and for many others who have not yet awakened their consciousness right around the world.

The reason for this release came from the subtle realignment of the Sacred Rays on 13 October (itself, an action through divine intercession) as the shift brought greater Love into the Earth sphere and has gradually made it untenable for these ones to hold their position in the shadow.

Through this action we are witnessing a significant rise in planetary consciousness that cannot be blocked by any forces that oppose the light, including human opposition to the raising of world consciousness.

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26 October 2015

I had a conversation today with Antonio, one of my guides about ME/CFS from which I suffer. This is what he told me. I place it here in my blog because it is important for a lot of people on the spiritual pathway either because they suffer from the condition or because the insights are of great benefit for us all as we seek to embrace a higher order of consciousness.

An Overview of ME/CFS From Antonio:
ME/CFS is a place, an order of consciousness projection that both expresses a range of unhealed elements and a fulcrum point or springboard to consciousness elevation. It is the breakdown of consciousness form and expression in one paradigm and the forging of a new and higher consciousness paradigm. It is both an opportunity and a place of deep reconciliation. Though it is possible to refocus the manifestation of form through techniques that re-structure consciousness projection such as creating new neural pathways and so on, the main focus of this condition is an opportunity to arrest the repetition of old patterns that are embedded in the illusion of form and to restructure yourself in the spiritual projection of enlightened, awakened consciousness.

The accumulation of residues from previous incarnations, the emotion and inherited so-called karma - the beliefs and overlapping patterns of form that have not been reconciled, together, build a projection that ensnares the spirit. It is both necessary and very important to breakdown all of these elements that restrain the spirit in order to escape from the Earth sphere of limitation and to manifest an unencumbered consciousness form that is in the awakened state of full presence, one that is in balance with itself and in harmony with Creation. That is the purpose of such an illness that reaches so deeply throughout the body, the mind and spirit.

In its final analysis, ME/CFS is the action of consciousness reconciliation and restructuring that seeks to re-establish natural order. If it is embraced openly and the process of metamorphosis is not resisted, then ME/CFS offers great gifts.

The suffering in the condition is used to reconcile the many patterns that persist in the pre-existing paradigms - their residues and also the persisting attitudes, beliefs and emotional states that must be dismantled. It is better to surrender fully to the condition than to seek its resolution through drugs and other therapies whose objectives are to make the body better. There is no problem in helping the body to heal if there is is acceptance, surrender to and reconciliation of the consciousness restructuring process. For a successful outcome, life as it is known to you, the thoughts and beliefs that were held before the condition developed and persist in the mind during it must give way to a higher order that awaits your acceptance.

In this condition you have stopped yourself from carrying forward the patterns of repetition of incarnation and all that is believed in and endlessly recreated, in order to end the pattern and to move forward.
Acceptance - full acceptance is the key and the first real step to physical recovery, to mental reconciliation and to spiritual elevation.
Consciousness reconciliation - the full healing of old residues is the second most important step.
The exploration and development of the divine self is the third important step that will build the new consciousness paradigm and through which you can re-manifest your form.

Remember that you have chosen this pathway in this lifetime. Remember the purpose of that choosing and seek to move your body, mind and spirit into the new paradigm that aligns to the higher self and to the divine.

Let go, release and be free.


16 October 2015


On Tuesday 13 October at 1.05am BST (GMT+1) at the new moon, the Sacred Ray configuration projected to the Earth changed slightly. The shift has been gentle but significant introducing an uplifting feeling and a greater frequency of Love and support, a buoyancy and joyfulness.

This loving action has taken place through Divine Intercession - a ...new level of unconditional loving support for the Earth coming directly from the Divine, that opened up after 21 December 2012.

Already there has been a change in the world and an outpouring of emotion as the entire planetary consciousness has to work to establish a new and higher equilibrium with the incoming light frequencies introduced by the Sacred Ray change.

Sacred Ray projection governs our consciousness expression and as this configuration changes, so too must our expression of ourselves change.

Master Djwal Khul stands with me as I write this and brings his loving support to you as you read this along with Akumi-Sakusan an Over-lighting devic being who is an expression of the Sacred Rays.






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When I go to the highlands in Scotland I am set free. The magnificence of these towers of raw and untouched beauty hold me. Their scale, their immense size that soars to the heavens, inspires me and my heart expands. I am transported to some other place and peace fills me. This land of my home is rich and uplifting. It completes me. What is it that I see and feel? Simply a reflection of what is inside me, my divine being shines...



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If you are feeling inexplicably tired, unable to focus or lethargic, it is possible that you are suffering the effects of scientific quantum experiments taking place in the world this summer/autumn. You may find relief and be able to renew your energy if you invoke the Sacred Rays as follows, repeating this invocation every day:

"I invoke the Sacred Rays of Gravity, Magnetic Cohesion, Quantum Particle Cohesion AND Quantum Stabilisation to resonate throughout my being now, under the Law of Grace, And So It Is."     Take a deep breath and let go. Repeat this invocation severaL times.

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